Meet the Artist | Sune Czajkowski

Sune Czajkowski: “Art is everywhere.”

Short Profile

Name: Sune Czajkowski
Date of Birth: 21st of June 1980
Place of Birth: Copenhagen
Occupation: Photographer, Artist

Sune, what were you working on this last week?

I had a hard week working at some new editorials for Elle magazine. I had a shoot last week in an old wooden lake house and it was an amazing location, a committed model and super team. That was a great day.
Right now I am planning a travel with Elle to Israel. Traveling always inspires me so much. 

Do you remember the earliest memory of when you wanted to do what you do today? 

I started saving up for my first camera at an early age. When I was 13, I bought a new Canon with a few objectives, before my family and I moved to Africa. In Africa I really started shooting a lot of pictures and doing projects for myself. I have spent many years in Africa in my childhood, and today I feel very connected to Africa.

Art is a lot of things; art is architecture, furniture, cloths, street painting, music… Art is everywhere.

You have lived in Denmark, West Africa, Paris, London… where do you feel most at home?

At the moment home is where my family is; in Copenhagen. West Africa still has a big place in my heart and Paris is where I startet my career and I’m still so much in love with the city. Paris, or France in general, is amazing. I just can’t get enough of it. Copenhagen is where I was born, but when I moved away to go live in Paris, it couldn’t go fast enough. But now, years later, I have seen Copenhagen with new eyes and I love the city more than any place in the world. Copenhagen is an amazing city. It’s not too big, but still have so much to offer and have so much incredible nature surrounding us.

From your artworks at Unveiled Art, has any a story you would like to share?

„Untitled reflection #1“ and „Untitled reflection #8“ are two artworks of my solo expo. It was a long planned shoot, that just came alive in a very short time, when I was in Cape Town. 

We were a very small crew, a make-up artist, a model and me as I wanted to keep it small and simple. No assistant or extra people were needed. It was pure magic from the very beginning to the end.

Do you miss taking photos if you haven’t done it for a while?

I feel strange if I don’t have any planned shoots. It’s like a drug to me. The more pictures I take, the more I need to take.

How do new ideas come to you?

Normally I get my inspiration from traveling, a normal work day, social media or simple when I am enjoying life. I don’t have a recipe for it, but I have always been very inspired by nature and especially the sun and the reflection in water. Shadows are my trademark.

Could you live without art? 

I could never live without art. I try to create art everyday. Art is a lot of things; art is architecture, furniture, cloths, street painting, music etc etc etc. Art is everywhere.

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