Meet the Artist | Serge Guerand

Serge Guerand: “For me, the emotion is the most important.”

Short Profile

Name: Serge Guerand
Date of Birth: 30th of January 1953
Place of Birth: Noyant (France)
Occupation: Photographer, Artist

Serge, what were you working on this last week?

The next episode for the Giorgio Armani campaign „Frames of Life“.

Was there anything specific that you can remember that made you want to become a photographer?

The light in Brazil, 30 years ago.

You have lived in many differrent countries… where do you feel most at home?

In Rio (Brazil). I speak Portuguese and feel myself there as a fish in the water. I have lived several years in Brazil and have a great passion for this country.

Any museum that you loved in these places or love to visit frequently?

The Musée du quay Branly in Paris, the “Arts premiers”, because I love Patagonia. [The Musée du quai Branly in Paris, also known as the Musée de Arts premiers, is the National French Museum of non-European Art. Editor’s note.]

Life in general is a form of art. It’s all about how you absorb your surroundings and attach a personal emotion to that.

If you could buy any artwork, which art piece would it be?

A mobile piece by Alexander Calder.

Can art and commerce coexist?

Yes, of course. I have no problem at all earning money with my work.

How do new ideas come to you?

I take long walks through the forest, in nature and on the beach… this is for me a great source of inspiration and reflection.

What part of a shoot is the hardest for you?

To explain to a customer or an art director of an advertising agency how I will take my photos, even though I don’t know myself how I will take the pictures fives minutes before. I am like a boxer before he enters the ring, I am the strongest in improvisation. For me, the emotion is the most important.

Who were your early influences?

The Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado.

Do you have a small everyday pocket camera?

No. I have seen the greatest images during my travels when I had no camera with me at all. The memory of them is still perfectly clear in my head.

Do you have any daily ritual?

When spending time at my house on the countryside, I need to know what’s on the menu for dinner and of course which wine will accompany the meal. I’m very French from that perspective.

Do you miss taking photos if you haven’t done it for a while?

Sure, the desire to take pictures is always there. But if I don’t photograph, I cook instead and act out my creativity through this way.

Could you live without art? 

Life in general is a form of art. It’s all about how you absorb your surroundings and attach a personal emotion to that. So no, I can’t live without art.

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