Statement:Bag! No.1, »Let’s go shopping, Kelly!«

Unveiled Art creates a revival for the Kelly Bag: The first bag of our Charity Art Project is called »Let’s go shopping, Kelly!« and combines playfully and wittyly the iconographic chic of a fashion classic with a good cause.

She is the mother of all It bags. Legendary, elegant and timeless. Created and designed especially to be worn by the princesses of the world: The Kelly Bag. The finest leather is brought into shape by skilled hands in the best manufactories of the world, to finally float as a delicate trapeze with classy elegance next to the wearer. No pretentious logo, no intrusive label as reference about the luxury of the bag. It captivates only by its iconic value, its design, its subtle glamour. Because one thing is more true than ever before: fashion and style are reference, expression, statement. We live consciously. In context. We think with intelect and attitude reflecting the effective altruism.

Inspired by the social Zeitgeist, the fashion classics and the desire for a clear design, the photo art gallery Unveiled Art developed together with the experienced fashion illustrator Iris Olschewski a product, original as well as stylish: The artist draw with a precise but playful swing an all-around image of the Hermès Kelly Bag. In itself already a creation with a collector’s value. But a bag does not belong to the wall, but to be weared: Printed with a high-quality process, this graphic homage to one of the most stylish bags in the world shines glossy on a sturdy shopper bag made of matt laminated paper.

Let’s go shopping, Kelly! | 2017

There are only 300 numbered editions of this limited It bag, all hand signed by the artist herself. A wearable artistic piece – with a cause: then when buying this bag a part will be donated to the award-winning charity organization OneDollarGlasses. A project that provides affordable DIY glasses to the people in the poorest countries.

300 fashionistas, for whom attitude is as important as style, can find this bag on the website of Unveiled Art for a small fixed amount and have the option to donate a self-chosen amount, to make a wearable statement. True to the motto: Thanks to the support of OneDollarGlasses let many people see and be seen with the Statement:Bag!.

Get your own Statement:Bag! No.1 »Let’s go shopping, Kelly!« on .

And pssst: Maybe there will be soon a Statement:Bag! No.2.  Stay in touch! Instagram: @unveiledart #shopwithkelly

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