Blind Date

That first blind date can be the most nerve-racking experience ever. Will you meet Mr. Right or will it turn into a Mr. Never-Ever-Go-There-Again experience!

Whatever the situation, make sure to keep the conversation going, so skip the weather-talk and switch to art-talk.

Artwork ©Elena Iv-Skaya 

Restaurant Images ©Farmer J | London       

 The ambiance is great and the dining experience impeccable, but that moment of silence is haning in the air and you need an ice-breaker. Find your favorite wall art and make it your next topic of conversation. 

Artwork ©Elena Iv-Skaya 

Restaurant Images ©Sean Connolly | Dubai       

She sips nervously on her drink, you manage to crack a smile and four eyes are desperately scanning the room in search of the next possible topic to chat about.  And there it is, staring back at you. The perfect wall art piece to save the moment.

Artwork ©Jamie Nelson

Restaurant Images ©Pastel Rita | Montreal       

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