Born in 1966, Peter von Felbert is one notable photographer that has set a mark for himself as far as the world of photography is concerned. The list of magazines and books for which he has already worked is impressive.

He studied visual communication in Bielefeld, after which he went on to establish as a photographer on the market. Photographic journeys took him to almost every corner of the world, but he always came back to Germany where he is based.

His pictures deal with the relationship between man and nature, photographing everything that is alive almost in a surreal way, without describing any particular place. He approaches the landscapes with fascination, awe and sometimes a sense of threat.

The color and contrast in his photographs play a main roll. Neutralizing the blue sky to a uniform gray to create a minimalistic black and white to enhance the eternity of the Alps, or using Polaroids to create a fade nostalgic aura. This form of uniqueness predominantly presents the images in such a mood that makes you feel that this is the deciding twist.

“The question of the perception of reality often arises in my work,” says the artist, and this leads to a boundary line between truth and fiction.

You can feel the photographer’s happiness in his experiments. You can see the conflict between the history of photography and the audacity of eclecticism. With sensitivity, he quotes a great epoch of the medium of photography.

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