Serge was born in the city of Anjou, France. His first job was in a printing house and in 1969, while Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon, he worked as a hairdresser on Ibiza. In 1983, he met the photographer Otto Weiser in Brazil and started off as his assistant. After adventurous trips to various spots all over the globe, he decided to settle down in Paris where he built his house to become a fulltime freelance photographer.

His images have the capability of revealing more than just the captured moment, like film stills where the emotions of the before and the after can be felt in the present. They possess a je ne sais quoi, which is difficult to verbalize- it is embodied poetry ranging from elegance, beauty, grace, sensuality, as well as a unique touch of desire, drama, intellect, and the spirit of freedom.

In the course of his travels around the world, he has been able to gain new insights and impressions for his photography, which nevertheless stays French in the best sense of the word. Among some of Serge’s most prestigious clients are Nivea, Davidoff, Cartier, Evian, Hermes, Kenzo and he has also directed advertising films for brands such as Cartier, Nivea, and McDonald’s.

Happily married with three kids, according to him his passions are his wife, wine, cooking, travel, cats, his garden and his three boys.

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